New Toy Story Ride at Disney’s California Adventure is a Blast — and David Beckham is For Real

We went to Disney’s California Adventure today to ride the newest attraction — “Toy Story Midway Mania!”

We had won an annual pass-holder contest and we got to test the ride before it officially opens for the public on June 17.

The ride is gracefully charming and fantastically fun. You’re given 3-D glasses, then seated in a double-facing car that takes you through a nostalgic world of old children’s games (including Candy Land, Barrel of Monkeys, Chinese Checkers, Old Maid, and Disney’s own old Adventureland game) and then to a series of virtual midway style “shooting galleries” hosted by 3-D characters — including Woody and Buzz Lightyear — from the Toy Story movies.

You score points by hitting virtual 3-D targets with various virtual 3-D projectiles – including darts, baseballs, and eggs – from a cannon.  Targets explode, rockets take off, balloons burst, and china plates are blasted into hundreds of flying pieces – all in stunningly realistic 3-D.

Our family rode the ride at least seven times (maybe eight) and it was great fun each time.  I think we grown-ups enjoyed it at least as much as our nine year old son.

We saw something else noteworthy at California Adventure today – soccer great and Los Angeles Galaxy captain David Beckham and his wife Victoria (“Posh Spice”) and their children.

They looked like the moms and dads that sit next to us on the T-Ball field.  Nice to see celebs dressed down and kickin’ it with the kids.  We did do a double take on Posh’s tattoo on the back of her neck just to be able to check and make sure it was her (yes it was). 

What was especially noteworthy about the Beckhams was their complete lack of pretentiousness, affectation or self-importance – no entourage, no bodyguards, no (visible) security, and no nannies. Just the Beckhams and another couple enjoying the park with their children on a beautiful Southern California day.


Someone sent us a picture of the Beckhams at Disneyland later in the day, looking a bit tuckered out.


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